The mentors take part in the program on a voluntary basis. For the launch of the program, an initial panel of mentors was recruited. They include faculty from all institutes and already provide up to forty slots for mentees. Motivated faculty members are welcome to contact us, and join the program at any time.

Constance CiaudoIMHS
Alvar GossertIMBB / NMR facility
Wolf-Dietrich HardtMICRO
Ernst HafenIMSB
Stefanie JonasIMBB
Matthias PeterIBC
Martin PilhoferIMBB
Uwe SauerIMSB
Bernd WollscheidIMSB / D-HEST
Madhav JagannathanIBC
Nicola AcetoIMHS


The fourth phase of Mentoring Program 2022 starting this June.

If you would like to sign up or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

About the Program:

The faculty to PostDoc mentoring program is an initiative of AMB, the scientific staff association at D-BIOL. Support us by signing up for our parent organization, AVETH!

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